My story

‘I love adventures. I think life is supposed to be one long adventure. Even in the day to day basis. And with this “mindset” I make my life the adventure that I want. I love beautiful surroundings, so if I don’t live in the forest I run there. I love the wild and open ocean, so if I cannot hear the sound of the waves, I run to the beach. I love horses, dogs, cows – yes pretty much any kind of animal (that are “petable”…), so if I don’t have one myself, I run to hug them. I adore and love the mountains and if I cannot breathe the clear air and get mesmerized by their stunning existence, I run to look for it. I love my friends and family and get really inspired by people who in one way or another challenges themselves and the given rules, so if I am in solitude, I run to find you.’

I started to run 2011. So I have no prior background of running at all, a part from the mandatory school runs you had to do in high school. I have always been (hyper-) active in one way or another. From playing fotball at high level (yes, the lazy goal keeper so I didn’t have to run so much!) to hitting far too many pegs in golf. I have been a keen horse rider and inline skater and, even long-boarder, before it was a thing. But I have never been a runner.

I was introduced to running by chance by a friend. I told her I would never become a runner, even though my first race, a 10k was an fun experience. I was then handed the book “Born to Run“, by Chirstopher McDougall. After that things changed. The running the characters in the story did, seemed completely bonkers! And I knew I had to try it…

Immediately I booked a five day running trip to the Italian Dolomites. With only my backpack, I did solo runs from hut to hut and I was absolutely hooked. From that moment on, I knew that mountain running would become my biggest passion ever.

When I arrived home, I found out about the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, UTMB. So my journey to try and qualify begun. Two weeks later, after my Dolomite running trip, there was a race just literally outside my doorstep, Trans Scania, which would give me maximal amount of points to the UTMB. The only little catch was, it was 253 km long, and I had never ran more than 20k… I took on the challenge, thinking to myself that it was better to do the hardest journey first, then everything else might feel easier after…

After 53 hours of running, crawling and walking, with only 4 hours of sleep, I finished in 4th overall. It was by far, still today, the toughest challenge ever, but also an truly amazing experience. It became my crash course into the ultra running world. I learned everything from how sleep deprivation affects your motor skills to how a 20 mins power nap can make you feel replenished, and to how to dance with the devil…

This was back in 2011, but in the long run, the journey has only started, and who knows where it will take me.

However, it is all about the joy along the way, the journey in itself.

Keep on running!

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