It’s my belief that everything is possible. If you have both passion and patience together with the right mindset.

As an endurance athlete, but also as a chiropractor and a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I want to explore the limits of the body and mind. I love the idea about being able to use your full potential and go beyond what you thought was possible. I also want to see what is possible when you mix science and manual therapy with an athletes passion and determination. If I somewhere along this journey can make you go out of your comfort zone, then I am living my dream.

My background is within marketing and advertising as a copywriter.

You’ll find me close to the sea and within a run from ancient woods in the south of England and sometimes around mountain tops.

As long as it’s fun, it will take you as far as you need to go!

I am fuelled by  Vitargo UK.






Twitter: Linnskog

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